The Mask Not Often Seen: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Discovering Your Date’s Secret Identity, Super Hero or Villain?

This book is for men and women who wish to differentiate and fully understand their relationship status. How do you identify someone to strictly remain in a friends with benefit kind of relationship and one to get exclusive with? We are all sometimes blinded by Love, Infatuation, and Sexual desires which make it incredibly difficult to truly tell where we stand and to easily identify the flaws of our partners. After reading this book, you will be able to see through the veil placed upon us by our own emotions and desires, and those of others.

Much as they are important in making decisions concerning matters of the heart, our personal desires and our human need for companionship can sometimes lead us to pursue the wrong form of companionship. The result is that you come out hurt and broken, unsure where you went wrong and uncertain why you couldn’t see your partner for who they really were from the beginning.

How do you identify these masks they wear? How can you prevent your emotions from blinding you to the flaws of the person you are dealing with? What qualities should be present in your ideal partner?

On the other hand, you might have witnessed your partner evolve over a time period into something they clearly weren’t when you first met them. Can your relationship be salvaged? Can your partner be helped? How?

These and more will be answered in this book. In the end, you will have a better understanding of any you become interested in and you will better understand how to deal with them. You will also find it easier to determine the relationship which you must take to the next level and that which you shouldn’t

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