House Rules

La Shimo Policies


Phones, Cameras, and Other Recording Devices

No cell phones, cameras, or recording devices of any sort are allowed to be used in the main building or the smoking area.  Cell phones may be used outside of these areas only. Violators of this policy are subject to the seizure of their electronic devices until departure or expulsion from the property, subject to management’s discretion.

Play Space Policies
  1. Members are expected to follow all La Shimo policies. La Shimo reserves the right to remove any person, without refund, who violates these policies.
  2. The minimum age for any member is 21.
  3. La Shimo is a welcoming space, open to everyone. Discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity, gender presentation, sex, race, cultural background, religion or religious practices, socioeconomic status, or disability will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  4. La Shimo supports Personal Responsibility in Consensual Kink (PRICK) policies.  Anyone who chooses to participate in activities at La Shimo recognizes that there are risks that people choose to do in scenes. Each participant must evaluate their own risk level by learning, asking questions, and/or evaluating your own tolerance for risk with your partner(s).
  5. La Shimo staff and all DMs must be obeyed. If you see someone who is unaware of scene etiquette or who is violating the policies, please notify La Shimo or a DM.
  6. Any play or scene that could be considered “edge play” must be approved by La Shimo staff or DMs prior to starting the scene. Any edge play scene that does not receive prior approval is subject to be stopped.
  7. No scat, watersports, vomit, animals, guns, stun guns, tasers, car batteries, flame throwers, power tools (other than FucksAlls), or breath play are allowed in play or scenes.
  8. Medical play, piercing, cuttings, needle play, et cetera, are not permitted in La Shimo at this time.
  9. Standard scene etiquette is required. Do not interfere with a scene. Do not touch anyone or anyone’s belongings without their permission. When in doubt, ask first.
  10. Do not move the equipment without the express permission and aid of a La Shimo staff member or DM.
  11. La Shimo’s safeword is RED for stop the scene or play in its entirety and YELLOW for caution.  Additionally, “SAFEWORD” spoken loudly by anyone in a scene is acknowledged as a request for immediate outside attention.  Accordingly, La Shimo staff or DMs will intervene in a scene if they hear the word “SAFEWORD” or “RED” and the scene or play is not immediately stopped.
  12. Money may never be exchanged between members for scenes at La Shimo.  
  13. Cleaning supplies are available throughout the main play space. All equipment should be cleaned after use. Fluid retention pads are available to cover surface areas and their use is required whenever bodily fluids may be involved.
  14. Please remember that discretion is a must. What happens at La Shimo stays at La Shimo.
  15. Alcohol is never allowed on the premises.
  16. Be respectful of where you park and of our surrounding neighbors.
  17. Neither La Shimo nor any employees, volunteers, staff, DMs, agents, successors, or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of participating at any event, party, or much at La Shimo.