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NL24/7 Travel

Follow Me on my trips to different states, cities and countries as I explore their nightlife and scenery. We will also be interviewing the locals right on the street and asking them questions on Sex, Dating, Fetishes, and Relationships.

Upcoming Events & Expos

June 2019

Atlanta Poly Weekend Atlanta, Ga June 7th -9th, 2019
Exxxotica Portland, OR June 7th -9th, 2019
SouthEast Leather Festival Atlanta, Ga June 11th – 14th, 2019
Urband X Awards Los Angeles, Ca June , 2019

Just Macking w/Mac

Sometimes while laying in bed I ponder many thoughts and questions. So I figured why not pose these thoughts and questions to you my listeners

Question: IN the BDSM worm ther are men and women who consider themselve a Little/ Brat/ Pet

Do you you consider yourself as one and why? Respond back by email:
If you wish to be a quest on the show by phone or in person, feel free to contact us by email and leave your contact info
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