Patrick (Mac) McDaniel

Location of Speaker: Atlanta, Ga Specialties :

  • Social Media and Dating
  • Sex and Millennials
  • Relationship Changes
  • Straight Man Queer world
  • Life Coach
  • Using Arbitration/Mediation in Relationships
  • Speech Titles

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media & Dating
  • Relationship Red flags
  • How to be a Straight man in a Queer world
  • Dating a Bi-woman
  • Communication as a relationship foundation


Any presentation up to1.30hrs to 2 hrs in length (per day*) $1500.00
Outside the Continental US: $3500.00
Each additional presentation (same calendar day)
Up to 1.30 hrs to 2 hours in length* $2500.00
Outside the Continental US: $4550.00

Travel Logistics

Airport Specifics

Mr. McDaniel currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and flies from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Where possible straight flights, with the shortest air-time are preferred. Business class is preferred, especially when traveling outside the continental US. If flying coach, please request an exit row or bulk head seat. Electronic ticketing is fine, as long as Mr.McDaniel receives a complete copy of his travel itinerary.

Ground Transportation Specifics

Please make arrangements for Mr. McDaniel to be picked-up from and returned to the airport after the event. If no pick-up is available, please let Mr. McDaniel know in advance and he will make other arrangements.

Hotel Specifics

When arranging hotel accommodations please specify a non-smoking room. Mr. McDaniel generally arrives the night before the event, if not speaking in Atlanta. Please be sure to arrange for late check-in at the hotel and to forward Mr. McDaniel a copy of the confirmation number and the address of the hotel in advance.


A signed Program Confirmation is required to secure and confirm the
speaking date(s). Fees plus any applicable expenses are to be paid by
corporate/cashier’s check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card by the day of the event.
If The Katalyst Solution Center, Inc. pays directly for any travel related expenses, the client will be invoiced for those expenses within 5 business days following the speaking engagement and that invoice will be due upon receipt.

Cancellation Policy:

If the engagement is cancelled by the client, and is not resold, any
travel related expenses incurred by The Katalyst Solution Center, Inc are to be reimbursed and the following schedule percentage of the fee will be in effect from the time written notification is received:

30 days or less prior to scheduled engagement: 100%

31-60 days prior to scheduled engagement: 50%

61-120 days prior to scheduled engagement: 25%
*Note: Fees are per day and are subject to change. Please call us to confirm that these fees are current.

Audio-Visual Needs

Mr. McDaniel is extremely easy to work with. He simply needs the following items:

  • A room with lighting controls to minimize washout if using an LCD projector
  • One skirted cocktail round or AV Cart with space for a projector and laptop computer.
  • An LCD projector (1500 lumens or more) with VGA cord to connect to Mr. McDaniel’s laptop
  • An eight-foot screen
  • One power cord and one power strip with surge protector
  • One wireless, clip-on lavaliere microphone
  • A sound system (either a patch to the house speaker system or external speakers to plug microphone into)
  • And a draped table(s) at rear of room or immediately outside of room for educational materials distribution.

Room Set-Up

For workshops and seminars, Mr. McDaniel suggests the following table setups:

  • crescent rounds 6-10 per table
  • U-shaped for groups up to 40
  • chevron style seating

Audio/Video Recording

No audio and/or video recording for production purposes may be done without prior permission.

About This Speaker:

Comments about Patrick (Mac) Mcdaniel:

“You were a great speaker…..Everyone left the auditorium not only feeling better about themselves, but also quite informed about your topic”

PBL State Conference

“Mac, your messages are always presented in a manner which inspires classmates make improvements.”

Leadership Class

“The information was presented in an entertaining, practical and useful way.”

Goal speech

“I believe everyone really appreciated your presentation and took with them a more positive and constructive attitude.” It was Hot.

Goal speech


Degrees: Marketing Management, 2014; Business Administrative Technology, 2014; Business Management, 2014;

Certifications: Human Resource Management Specialist, 2014; Business Consultant, 2015; Doctor of Religious Science Degree, Universal Life Church, Modesto, California, 2009; Doctor of Motivation, Diploma, Universal Life Church, Modesto, California, 2010; Hollander Consultants, Formulas for Business Success Certificate, 2001; Hollander Consultants, Executive Basics Certificate,2001

Work Experience:

Founder and CEO, The Katalyst Solution Center (Nonprofit), 2010- present; Founder and Host, NightLife24Seven Podcast,2017- present; Owner and Chef, The Smoking Grill, 2006-present; Arbitrator and Mediator, Better Business Bureau, 2001-present; Homeland Security, Site Tester & Supervisor, 2005-2006; Owner, Business Arbitration/Debt Negotiation Services, 2003-present; Director of Dental Assistance, The Atlanta Dental Group, 2001-2003

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